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Robyn and Julia cordially invite you to their "2017fullbodyreboot!" 'Mind Your Movement – Move Your Mind’ Workshops Take your Life to the Next Level in the NEW YEAR! Where: 230 South Street, Waynesville, Ohio 45068 When: Start Date: Jan 28, 2017: 9:45AM – 12:05PM; recurring every 2 weeks: Feb 11 & 25 Mar 11 & 25 Apr 8 & 22 May 6 & 20 Jun 3 More Focus. More Clarity. More Balance in 2017! Let's shake things UP! Join us for a relaxing and fun approach to raising your awareness…about you, your relationships, your physical and mental well-being…and a whole lot more! Whether you’re a mom, dad, grandparent, single person, high school or college student…we can all use a map to get to the next level. We’re excited to share life transforming secrets and practices with you that can be passed on to those in your life today and to generations to come…all because you decided to make a positive, proactive change today - for better living. Let’s create a ripple effect! These principles and practices will sneak up on you later and really get you thinking in new ways that will cause your life to grow - Do something you NEED but don’t have time to do; make a SHIFT in how you THINK and FEEL about You. Just think... in the equivalent of one (1) day (about 24 hours of your life spread out over 10 weeks) you’ll be gifting yourself this year with something that will forever change your life! When was the last time you invested time and energy in you and gave yourself the gift of renewal on a level you may not have imagined? If one thing or every thing in your life that isn’t what you want, it can be improved by learning more about YOU, who you really are - not who others define you to be, but who you are at your core…learn why you think and do what you do…and much more… Let’s THINK DIFFERENT! We’ll present information that will make you think about all aspects of your life in a new way that will help bring clarity. If you’ve suffered with your identity and how to truly care for the amazing person you are, join us and learn how to grow your life and perhaps find something you may have lost along the way, your Happiness and Joy! They are not gone forever! They’re still here, just very simply covered over with layers of life that we can help you learn to be free from, both in mind and in movement. ‘You aren’t happy because you’re well, you’re well because you’re happy.’ In Mind Your Movement – Move Your Mind… We’re going to shake things up and teach you how to view you and your life from a different perspective… You’ll begin to discover how it’s possible to move forward and create sustainable change in your life You’ll gain clarity around who you are, what you want and discover methods for making it happen You'll learn how to love, honor and value yourself more and that alone will change the way you show up in the world…and so much more! All of which leads to feeling better physically, mentally and spiritually. Stop the cycle! Sign up today! In a Single Workshop... We've joined together to give you a mind coach and a movement coach - in the same location, at the same time - so that you can benefit and learn strategies to help you improve your life and begin to make changes you may have thought impossible - Attend individual workshops or choose to attend all 10 and SHIFT your life and your well-being in an entirely new direction! So, let’s do a reality check… Are you a coffee drinker? We are! Coffee and tea actually. If you're someone who stops by Starbucks once a day for a latte, mocha or chai tea…let’s see: that’s 52 weeks a year, at $5 each, 5 days a week. That’s a whopping $1,300 per year! Ouch! Do you eat out? Let’s say you do eat out…we’ll be conservative and say pizza…once a week. The pizza comes to $1040 for the year…cuz you’re probably having it delivered…with sides! Maybe you prefer sushi…let’s say you only go for sushi once a month. It’s about $50 each time you go...so in a year, that’s about $600. Maybe more if you’re having a glass or two of wine! We'll leave out how much you spend on wine! $$$ My point is…that you’re already spending the money, but I guarantee you yummy drinks, pizza and sushi...do not a life change make! It will make you happy in the moment (it does me!), but Happy for the Long-term and Confidence in You and how you’re living begins with Mind Your Movement – Move Your Mind. What will we do? We’re going to slow down and relax in each of our 2 hour and 22 minute workshops long enough for you to engage with your body, how you’re feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually. We’ll raise awareness of the breath, the body and the mind; and discover how the mind impacts the body and controls how you feel - and your well-being. Why 2 hours 22 minutes? We’ll share that in the workshops! Join us for a full-body reboot to start off the new year in a new way…not in a ‘bootcamp way’ that will drain and exhaust you and make you never want to ‘move’ or ‘think’ again! We’re going to slow it down to get you on the right path once and for all. We’ll mix it up in an unexpected way - Whatever you think our workshops may be…you’ll be surprised, you’ll be relaxed and you’ll discover new things you haven’t taken the time to discover – about you - on your own. You may even meet a few people - like you! We’ll turn it inside out and upside down; if you think you’re alone, you’re not. We’re all about helping you create something better for your life. Something you love. Whether you WANT or NEED: • to be more calm – maybe for your health • to worry less • to weigh less or just have more energy! • to be more confident • to improve your relationships - or maybe end a few of them • to have less physical or emotional pain • to improve your financial situation…or you just plain NEED to feel JOY in your heart again. This is a new kind of SHIFT. So, what will the workshop topics be? They’re all about you, getting clear and discovering how to get what YOU NEED. We’ll help you shift from the inside out and what happens then? Life can’t help but be different. We’ll tap into movement throughout the workshops and help you discover ways to lessen stressors on your body and help you clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. You’ll learn the importance of allowing yourself to imagine and dream of the best life can be and how this enlivens the spirit and renews passion for life; how energy is shared and the impact it has on you and others…how thoughts are formed and engraved in your mind and how those long held thoughts or beliefs unknowingly shape your life…and, how they can be changed to better serve you… We’ll dive into energy; where it comes from and how to have more… You’ll learn ways to separate yourself from the negative people in your life… We’ll hone in on how fear stifles life; we’ll talk about BALANCE and what that really means…how you can fit more into your days and your life – all while focusing on the physical and mental components that create the lives we live. You may be in the habit of doing things that unknowingly keep you stuck…we’ll help you begin to make the SHIFT that helps you begin to align all parts of your life and create more of what you want and less of what you don’t. We’ll take time to unravel some things; events, memories that hold you back and keep you stuck… We’ll dive deep into forgiveness. We all know the word, but we don’t know the practice and ‘how’ it’s done, but all you need is the map! Why not take some energy to redirect what you’re doing, time your spending anyway – to give you a better life? It’s NOT too hard…and you’re worth a small amount of time to transform your life. If you’re looking for a prescription or a diet, you won’t find it here. We’re about lifting up from the inside out. You’ll discover your uniqueness…and how beautiful and powerful you are… We’ve been where you are and we’ll show you the way. Join us & SHIFT! Your thoughts shape your life, create your feelings, behaviors, results and…circumstances. Join us and learn how to create habits that better serve you and your life get fit from the inside out get unstuck from thoughts that don’t serve you…even those about $$$ lack of movement a job you don’t love unhealthy relationships living with chronic physical or emotional discomfort It’s not about what you lose, it’s about what you gain…freedom to move, to do, to love your life while adapting your mind and body to a new lifestyle. We’ll help you get clear on the BEST version of you, who that is, what it means…you may discover that what you once valued may not be the same today - Learn what holds you back and prevents you from having what you would love; and keep this in mind… Appearing to be in shape does not equal being well, healthy and happy! Who you are is not defined by any magazine, not by others expectations, not by what you do or what you own…who you are is defined by YOU! You teach others how to treat you You set expectations of what you’ll accept and what you won’t You decide what your life is about and where you devote your energy! Make a positive, proactive change today - for living better. Join us! What is worth to move yourself to a better place this year? Attend more workshops, SAVE MORE $$$! Pricing Schedule: • Single workshop, $69.00; $59 off if you sign up online! ($10 off, 2+ hours, 2 coaches!) Ok, because you’ve read the entire post…you must be interested in creating something better for yourself and your life…am I right? Be one of the first five (5) to sign up for the first workshop…AND be willing to give us a testimonial…and you will attend for one workshop FREE! Join us - Workshop Details: What: Workshops that will renew the body, mind and spirit! Where: Byers Wellness Center, 230 South Street, Waynesville, Ohio 45068 When: Saturday mornings beginning January 28 at 9:45 - 12:05 and running every other week through June 3, 2017 Dress: Something comfortable for you Bring: Yourself, a smile, an open mind and heart! Do something different for yourself this year! About Your Wellness Practitioners Meet Julia & Robyn Robyn Raye [Gosbee] is an industrial engineer with a strong background in healthcare and wellness. She spent 20 years in the corporate world where she helped organizations such as Kellogg's, Nabisco Lifesavers, The Upjohn Company, UPS, Xerox, Adidas, Becton-Dickenson and Norton Healthcare improve business processes and their bottom line. Today, she works with individuals to help them achieve better lifestyles that work for them while creating a strong foundation of self essential for a life well-lived. Robyn had health challenges that began around age 40 caused and perpetuated by stressors; the same kind we all have and usually ignore until something catastrophic happens. She discovered how to overcome her health issues on her own and without medication. Today, she helps others build that strong foundation of self in mind, body and spirit through personalized coaching, programs and public speaking. Robyn is certified through Life Soulutions and owner of Raye Group. Julia Lamm is a restorative exercise specialist and personal trainer using nutritious movement. She blends fitness, yoga, alignment awareness, corrective exercises, functional movement, massage and relaxation techniques to help you minimize discomfort, improve postural alignment, and restore functional patterns that help you return to health and reduce pain and discomfort. Julia is a serial entrepreneur and loves to combine travel with teaching yoga and other natural health practices. Julia has had her own health challenges and like Robyn has studied and learned how to achieve health and well-being naturally, with balance of mind, body and spirit. Join Julia & Robyn in Mind Your Movement Move Your Mind and discover what they've learned and implemented in their lives and a host of other strategies to move your life, your health, your mindset and well-being in a new direction. We'll email you after you sign up to confirm the date(s) you'll be attending. See you inside! I'm So Ready! I'm All In!
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