My Story Years ago I was in a rough place. An eye surgery that severely damaged one of my optic nerves and a diagnosis I didn't want! I was so down, in a lot of pain, sad, and was more than dissatisfied with my career and life -- all of which directly contributed to and perpetuated my health situation. Of course, you can only connect the dots looking backwards! It's funny, most of us begin to mind our health when something goes terribly wrong like cancer, a chronic illness, or an auto-immune dis-ease. When we delay or ignore symptoms, the journey back to health is a long and trying one -- and mine was both. That eye surgery was on December 1, 2009. The anesthetic threw me in to a full body rheumatoid arthritis flare. I could barely walk. It took me two hours to get out of bed. Some days I couldn't pick up my tooth brush. I couldn’t wear shoes, flip flops were all I could manage -- and some days those weren’t happening. What I wasn’t aware of at the time was there were clear indications that my health was in jeopardy, and I ignored EVERY one of them. Why? Because I was busy! Over time, I had allowed my stress level to become 'normal' for me. What most of us don't realize is that chronic stress leads to physiological changes in the body that are a direct path to disease. When I was able to return to work months later, I was embarrassed! I was unable to get around well, could not open the large, heavy doors at work or take the stairs. I felt like I was 100 years old. I cried every day by 10:30AM for months because the head pain from my damaged eye constantly attempting to refocus was extremely painful as were my joints. Any pressure on them was excruciating, even touching the keys on my keyboard. There were days I would make my way to my car and sit and cry because I hurt so badly and -- I didn't want anyone to see me in that condition. But, I kept going and here's why. There was one single day that set change in motion for me. My energy changed. It was one day in my living room in January of 2010. I heard a voice that told me 'it's going to be ok!' And, I believed that voice, because no one else was telling me it was going to be ok! Not my doctors, not my family and my closest friends didn't understand what was happening to me. Nor did I. From that day forward, I was not focused on what had been taken away. I was focused forward -- even through pain that endured for years to follow. Every day I believed that voice and I kept going. I got curious about what was happening with my health and I became determined to figure it out. EVERY doctor told me I would “NEVER” figure it out. So what happened next? I searched. I learned. I applied. I journaled (which took me forever because my hands hurt so badly). I became very familiar with my body and my mind. I used that journal as a map, months passed and I slowly began to get better. I met people I would not have otherwise met, and I took on a coach -- when I didn't know what a coach was. All aspects of me…began to change. I didn't know what would come of my life back then. At one point I was searching for assisted living homes to put myself into so my family wouldn't have to care for me. I didn't know if I would be able to walk, let alone work for an organization. I didn’t know what would happen with my vision. I knew two things; 1) I would find a way to create a business for myself that I could operate from anywhere and 2) I would communicate with people using technology. I had no idea at the time where I would be today! As my health was improving more and more, I hired other coaches and enrolled in programs to become a certified coach. That plus a significant amount of time spent learning more and more about personal development principles -- and most importantly…slowly…integrating them into my daily life -- brought me to this point. I didn’t think I would EVER be grateful for my journey. However, today EVERY area of my life is changed! My health is AMAZING and I’m grateful for every moment!! My relationships have improved – all of them! I’m kinder to myself -- and to others. I’m doing something I LOVE that gives me great JOY and time to care for myself; mind, body and spirit! Creating a legacy of change in the world is important to me, so I am doing it, one life at a time! I realized through this journey that there was so much more that led to the state of my health that nearly took me down. From early childhood there were people and events that shaped my life. They shaped the way I thought about myself, what I was capable of and how I perceived others. It created for me a small world - one in which I didn't have to remain and eventually learned to step away from in a healthy and kind way so I could create a life of my own that left old thought patterns and behaviors behind. So today, I offer a unique perspective and process with my lifestyle coaching. I combine personalized coaching with my process engineering background - plus my own personal lessons learned on my journey back to health - to create a full-spectrum methodology that will move your life in a new direction. My journey back to health was something I was told again and again I would NEVER be able to do. I accepted that challenge and I can take on yours as well! Remember, your past nor your genetics define you, YOU do! Today, I'm engineering one life at a time; helping you create a life you LOVE, by design!
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