doctor in my early 20's who convinced me I was capable of anything I wanted to do or become - so I enrolled in college and got a degree in engineering and began a career as an industrial engineer which continued for over 20 years. I started out in pharmaceuticals just after college and finished that stint in a large healthcare system in Louisville, Ky. During those years life was very busy and I spent most of my time working and not having nearly enough fun; I wasn't doing anything to grow as a person, and it was affecting my self-worth. I felt my life was my work and I had nothing else of any value to give to anyone. Outside of work, I wasn't nurturing any other part of life - and it cost me - nearly everything, including my life. I realized years into my career that I hadn't made any decisions on my own; decisions that should have been aligned with my personal life values. Opportunities came my way and determining whether they aligned with the direction I wanted my life to go, quite frankly never occurred to me. I had it in my mind that the only direction in a career was up, never considering whether it was feeding my trifecta; my mind, body and spirit. The choices I simply allowed to happen were in fact depleting my passion, my energy and my spirit over time. I was fortunate to have the opportunities, however I merely accepted them without forethought as to how those decisions would affect me long term. Hindsight is always 20/20, right? In December of 2009, I had severe health issues come up that I would discover were environmental, meaning - I caused them.. I wasn't sure I would come through them with any quality of life, but I did with unwavering determination. As I was discovering how to care for myself, I was certain of only one thing and that was that I wanted to find a way to help others not have to go through what I did. I've realized since that my journey back to health brought something I didn't realize was missing...happiness. Today, I help people like you find your passion again, reclaim your energy, stabilize your health and put things in order - based on your personal values - so you can live a happy and fulfilled life. It's not so difficult when you know what to do and how to do it. That's where I come in. I've coached others throughout my corporate career and now in my second, happily chosen career, though in different capacities. I discovered along the way that for me, helping others on a personal level leaves a lasting legacy that transcends time and space. It's important to me that others who may be stuck in life for whatever reason, have a guide to help them navigate challenging times. I'd love the opportunity to be that person for you. On a more intimate note; I'm an outdoor enthusiast. I prefer to be outside over in; I prefer casual and simple elegance over stuffy! I tend to rise and fall with the sun...I prefer not to straighten my curly hair and I wear it up and messy most of the time. I eat whole, organic foods most of the time and that often involves no cooking. I do it because it makes me feel amazing. As for make-up, I'm mostly without it...and dressed informally. But, that doesn't mean you won't on occasion find me dressed to the 9's and also in my element. I'm a true introvert turned ambivert out of necessity to live well. Small talk is not my forte' and I'm okay today in groups (for an introvert = ), however it does zap my energy. I've learned with time that speaking to a group is not the same energy drain as speaking to multiple people in a short time frame, thankfully! When I was young the thought of speaking publicly would freeze me in my tracks, but something happened one day that made me realize - it's no longer about me. The Short Version - My WHY My first life coach honestly appeared to me like an angel from heaven during the lowest point in my life. I had serious health issues that affected my entire body, I had great difficulty getting out of bed, walking, getting dressed, even brushing my teeth. On top of that I was struggling with loss of vision which made me increasingly unsteady on my feet. The pain was intense and the sense of loss even greater. Loss of controlling my movement, loss of vision, loss of life as I had known it. I was actually considering assisted living homes for myself because I didn't understand what was happening to me and it didn't appear as though it was changing anytime soon. I was scared. I felt alone and - maybe worst of all - empty because of so many years of being on auto-pilot. Working too many hours and not paying attention to what was important to me. And, most certainly not caring for myself , mind, body or spirit. I was letting old thought patterns control me (fear!). My coach asked me questions I had never contemplated before. She caused me to be more curious about myself, my life, who I was, what I wanted to do with my life, and how I wanted to 'show up' in the world every day. My life coach and some perfectly timed Divine Intervention changed something inside me. My energy changed. I was focusing on what I could do versus what I could no longer do - and I set two criteria for my future that I stand by today. Thinking back over my life and trying to make sense of how I had gotten to this point was helpful in the sense that I realized the gifts bestowed upon me by a few amazing people in my life. I also focused on the best part of my experiences in the corporate world and what I enjoyed most. I took those gifts and experiences and carried them with me to what I would call 'beginning today with what you have, where you are; and focusing forward.' It's really the only place to begin a new journey. After all, we have this moment, this day. My two criteria: 1) be able to work from anywhere helping others (because if I was in a home, I would be doing something, sight or no sight!) and 2) be able to do it (whatever it was!) from anywhere. I had no idea at the time it would lead me here, to a life of service to others in need. RA (code for severe inflammation) for me was a wake up call to examine my life - all of it. What lights me up is to be fortunate enough to be able to help others, of any age, prevent such a pivotal life point by laying a solid foundation of mindset, confidence, and values that make life easier and more enjoyable. Life isn't meant to be heavy and it doesn't have to be. Someone stepped in to help me when I was at my lowest point. It changed my life. It is my honor to do the same for you. More
Who I Am I'm Robyn Raye and I'm from Southwest Ohio in the US. I grew up in a middle class family, my parents divorced when I was a child and through that time my mother was very wise and gracious to bring horses into my life which taught me compassion and held my attention at least half way through my teen years and kept me occupied and moderately out of trouble. I was brought up around the medical field and married a young
Robyn Raye Lifestyle Strategist: Empowerment Coach and Wellness Guide A corporate industrial engineer for over 20 years, Robyn's experience spans healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and distribution operations. She combined her process engineering skills and experience with her lifestyle coaching education and experience to create for you a unique, process-driven style of coaching that will guide you through a proven path of discovery that amplifies the learning process for busting mindset that doesn't serve your life today. With Robyn you'll create a strong sense of self: self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. Teaching others how to value themselves more, make better decisions and thrive drives her ambition. Robyn's personal story led her, as it does many, through the typical life of growing up, going to school, getting married, finding the big job, buying all the toys, doing all the things we're 'supposed' to do - then it all came to a grinding halt. Why did this happen? Because all those things nagging at her gut for years - she ignored. She personally struggled with health issues after years of prolonged and not properly managed stress for which she was told there was no resolution other than serious medication. She found another way. She took on a life coach, began paying closer attention to overall wellness - and everything changed. Robyn Raye became a lifestyle coach after discovering how to create, on purpose, the life that matches her intention and values. Now she supports those who want to create and experience more of what life has to offer - on their terms.
My Mission To help you live a better life, diminishing stress and frustration while increasing energy and joy. To help you design and create a life you love and in the process become the person you have always wanted to be – so that on your last day, you are proud of who you are, how you have impacted others, and the amount of love and caring you have shared in the world. It all matters. To target your health, how you manage your time, and the part your thoughts play in all aspects of your life. Growing your awareness puts you on a path to overall wellness. It also does a lot for your HAPPY factor! To collaboratively create a path for you to follow that maps out a life well lived; to provide for you tools, techniques and practices needed to effectively manage a successful life or business – as defined by you. I value you and honor your struggles. No issue you are having is too small or too great. To every question there is an answer and to every problem there is a solution. I'll help you find it. Making your life what you want it to be is a process... It's in the process that you become the person you were meant to be.


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