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Hi, I'm Robyn, welcome to my website! Please browse the site and if you have questions, would like to work with me or schedule a group activity, please use the contact form on the site and I will get back with you to schedule a call. I hope you find the information helpful and that it resonates with you in a meaningful and personal way - With love, Robyn Raye
Some things to consider.... What do you struggle with most? Is it lack of time in the day? Is it a problem with a relationship? Is it pure exhaustion or illness? Is it a lack of confidence? Do you hate your job? Your life? Are you not liking yourself much because you're not doing anything (that's working) to make changes? Are you afraid of disrupting your life or the lives of those around you? If there is something you are struggling with; be it relationships (even the one with yourself), finances, your work-life or your health, creating or re-creating that strong foundation of confidence and well-being is essential. Without it, life won't change. Sometimes disruption, no matter how hard, is worth your life; your health and well-being. The alternative I know all to well... When you're ready, I'll be here. The alternative, for me, almost took me down. There was a time in my life when I felt everything was good, great even. Certainly better than most. So, I had no business being unhappy...that would just be ungrateful... I had a great job, I was super busy doing important things, I had the big title, I had all the toys, multiple vehicles, could have and do as I pleased. It was great. But, after a while, life felt empty, lonely and lacked meaning. And, I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. After all, It was my own doing. For a long time I thought what I was doing was making a difference. I had tunnel vision. I was on a one-way nowhere. I neglected my family and friends for years. I would see them briefly from time to time, but when I was with them, I wasn't really there. My mind was always someplace else...on the WORK. I had tunnel vision. Not only did I neglect others, I neglected myself. I wasn't having enough fun. I wasn't fully loving and allowing others to love me. I wasn't living in gratitude. I wasn't spending time outside breathing in fresh air and relaxing my body and mind. I wasn't reading to grow my mind. I wasn't meeting new people to expand my territory and bless my life. I wasn't spending time dreaming; fully imagining what better life I might create for myself. I allowed my life to become stagnant, boring, mundane, until it wasn't exciting anymore and I was left feeling empty and alone. Beyond that, ignoring the most important element in my life, me, took a toll on my health, my well-being and something else that surprised confidence. I realized over time that when there is something nagging at you to do something different with your life - and you ignore it - your confidence suffers greatly and it eventually shows up in poor health. Your confidence fails you because you trust yourself less and less when you don't make it a mission to right-size your life; you're ignoring your intuition that was given to you for a reason. For me it was an auto-immune dis-ease, meaning my body was out of balance. Something I was doing (and not doing) was impacting me in a way that was debilitating. Overcoming not being able to walk unassisted or brush my teeth due to the pain, seemed impossible. In fact, I reached the point of asking the question: "if this is what my life is going to be, is this what I want?" That day, that moment, God spoke to me. That day, that moment, my life changed. I don't consider myself a religious person, I am however deeply spiritual and from that moment on, I was empowered. I was meant for another day. That day was in January of 2010 and I haven't looked back since. I knew I had a lot of work to do to get my life and health in order; I knew that my mindset was key, my well-being and sense of self and regaining a feeling worthiness were essential. I discovered the healing power of good nutrition and a host of other life practices that caused my health to improve at a faster rate. I knew that forgiveness for me was key...but I didn't know how to achieve any of it. But, I was on a mission not to be deterred. What I discovered to this point is how to live, how to be free of the weight of others and the past, how to pay attention to my own agenda that is driven by the plan for my life (not by what was happening in the hour, someone elses agenda or the popular thing to be doing). I've learned how to identify my adult values and use them to make every decision in my life easier. I learned how to care for, love and respect myself first so that I can be fully present and available for those in my life. I learned how some kinds distraction can be healthy - and others can be detrimental to happiness and JOY. Most of all, I've learned that all I had to do to find them was...remove some of the layers of life that accumulated while I wasn't paying attention. It happens to all of us; the trick is knowing which ones are harmful and how to recognize and diffuse them. And, that is what I help people like you do; take away harmful elements from your life so that you are able to add back what you love to create an abundance of well-being - and achieve personal freedom. Once you know personal freedom, you won't ever want to be without it.

I had tears of joy, not tears of sadness; Robyn has given me the tools to be more awake. She helped me see my life in a different way and realize it's never too late to be happy. I am so grateful for Robyn, I call her my earth angel.

                                                              Joyce W.

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